What Is The Best Egg This Easter?

What is the best egg this easter?

We have eaten them all and the results are in!

Yes, it’s a hard life but someone has to do it so I ordered 10 easter eggs from Tesco (however, they didn’t have one of them in stock so we ended up with 9) and I headed into the office.

I asked my team to blind taste test the chocolate eggs and rate them on their taste and value for money.

I asked them to rate them out of 5 for their taste. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best…

Everyone had a great time taste testing the eggs and we sat in a chocolate induced coma for the rest of the afternoon. 

What would you like us to review next for you? Let me know 😀

So the results are now in!

  1. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? Galaxy was the winner! With it’s smooth texture and delicious taste, we were all going back for more. This is currently on offer in a number of supermarkets, 3 for £10.
  2. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? In second place is Tesco own brand Chokablok – this is available in a number of flavours and a must try! This egg was Aimee’s favourite and I think she had more than 3 quarters of the egg haha. These eggs are £5 each but they are large – definitely worth the money.
  3. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? It’s no surprise that Lindt Lindor comes in the top 3, this is my favourite chocolate and it has earned itself a well deserves 3rd place. This is the most expensive egg at £8 but I don’t think there was enough there for what you paid for.
  4. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? 4th place went to Kinnerton who are known for their cheap children’s chocolate. When I revealed the brand, a lot of my team were surprised as they thought because of the price it would be poor quality. These eggs were priced at £1.50 but I have seen them on special offer closer to easter in the past at only £1.
  5. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? Cadburys came 5th with their well known recipe, many of my team were able to identify the Cadburys chocolate. This egg was only £1 – one of the best value eggs.
  6. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? The Real Easter Egg was ranked in 6th place, however, we loved the little book that came with the egg that told you about the real story of easter. This egg was £4, a little expensive for it’s size.
  7. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? Lidl is at our 7th spot with their 79p easter egg – this is great value for money but it didn’t score enough points to be higher up our list.
  8. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? Thorntons came in at the 8th spot. Thorntons do a great range of eggs from adults to children and they can also be personalised but it didn’t score enough to be higher up our list. These eggs are 5 for £15 from Thortons making them value for money – you can also get any name iced on the egg fro free.
  9. What Is The Best Egg This Easter? No one really liked this chocolate and presumed it was a very cheap brand – so everyone was very surprised when I revealed it was actually the well known brad, Nestle. Nestle took 9th spot and was rated the worst of all 9 eggs. Supermerkets often have these medium eggs on a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

You can find my list of all Easter Egg offers here…

Here are my team taste testing the eggs…



2 As you can see, Aimee takes her job very seriously…

3 Chloe getting stuck in…

4 Emilie giving her results


6 Aimee is still taking the tasting experiance very seriously…

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