When Retailers Mistakenly Send You The Wrong Items…

How embarrassing, when retailers mistakenly send you the wrong items…

Especially when it is something a little rude!

That is what happened to Sophie Grantham when she ordered a pair of children’s shoes from giant online retailer, Amazon.

 When she opened the box, she was horrified to find a 5” sex toy!

The mum of 2 claimed that the purple vibrating object was out of its packaging, had been used and there was pubic hair in the box!

To make matters worse, when the parcel was delivered, her postman made a comment about there may be an electric toothbrush in the parcel as the box was vibrating. She then opened the box in front of him, which is when she discovered the vibrating purple bullet buzzing around the shoe box! Yikes! How embarrassing! 

Sophie did receive a refund but she is not happy as Amazon have not launched an investigation.

She has also sent the shoes back… Can’t say we are surprised…

Don’t rely on Amazon to send you a 2nd hand bullet… You can buy yourself a new one for only a few pound here…

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