Why I’m Giving £50 A Day Back To My Followers

Why I’m Giving £50 A Day Back To My Followers 

ash_family2I first set up my Facebook page with the simple view of sharing my money saving passion with others just like myself. I never begun to imagine that such a small idea would go from strength to strength and turn into an online sensation pretty much overnight! My life has completely changed for the better over the past year, and none of this happiness and success would of been possible without the continuous help and support I’ve been lucky enough to receive off my followers right from the get go!

 As a young mother, I have been in the situation of being really hard up, so I know as well anyone how real people feel. Anything I can do to help those of you who have been kind enough to support and help me along the way with this amazing venture is something worthwhile to me. 

As a token of my appreciation, I have set up ‘The Daily Prize Draw’, which is my little way of saying thank you from me to you. I have basically arranged for one of my followers to win £50 every day!

The best bit about The Daily Prize Draw is that you only have to enter once and you’re in there for life! To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is fill in your details on the page and register. It’s really is that simple! Be sure to check back everyday as the winner is announced here, and you’ll have till the end of the day to claim your prize .


I wish you all the best of luck and promise to continue finding you the best deals to help you make big savings everyday!


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