We will soon be fined £70 for this parking trick!

We will soon be fined £70 for this parking trick!

How many of you drivers tend to pull up on the curb when parking? I know I do, but apparently we could soon be fined for doing so.

The rule already exists in London and anybody who breaks it is fined £70.

Although the new rule will surely be welcomed by road safety campaigners and disability groups, lots of people are viewing it as another way for councils to make money out of motorists unnecessarily. 

AA president Edmund Kind is one of those concerned, her told the Metro: ‘The concern would be that local authorities will be able to ban pavement parking without looking at the consequences – and without studying the alternatives.’

So does this mean that introducing the ban will mean freeing up some of those double yellow lines as an alternative? I doubt it.

Exceptions to the rule in London are signalled by special blue parking signs and sometimes white bay lines to show how far onto the pavement a car is allowed to park.

So what do you think? Will this be a useful rule for motorists to practice or just another unnecessary way for councils to make money out of us?

CLICK HERE for a template letter to appeal your parking fine.

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