Will you be trying the new ‘skinny’ wine?

Will you be trying the new ‘skinny’ wine?

I know it may feel like wine contains empty calories, but they are definitely not empty and they soon add up! So could this be the best invention EVER?

A new ‘skinny’ variety of wine contains far fewer calories and can apparently assist you on your diet journey.

A large 250ml glass of wine contains 280 calories which is quite simply a diet destroyer! A small glass even contains 160 calories.

Skinny Rosé, made by champagne producer G. Tribaut, boasts just 275 calories in an entire bottle, compared to more than 500 normally. That’s less than 50 calories per traditional 125 ml flute, as opposed to the usual 80 to 90.Astonishingly, this means it contains fewer calories per bottle than a single large glass of some red wines – often the most calorific of drinks.

The reason the wine is so much less fattening is because producers use a ‘zero dosage’ method, meaning that no sugar is added after fermentation.

G. Tribaut's Skinny RosÇ Premier Cru NV, ú3.jpg

Tribaut’s skinny Rosé – 46 cals per 125ml

The Doctor's Sauvignon Blanc 2014.png

The Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc – 100 cals per 125ml

Sainsbury's Winemaker's Selection Vinho Verde 2014.jpg

Wine Maker’s selection Vinho Verde – 101 cals per 125ml

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