Win £750 in cash!

Win £750 in cash!

Thursday 21st July could be your lucky day!

Go Ultra Low are the government backed scheme for electric vehicles in the UK. I have worked with them a number of times in the past and they are fantastic!

Anyone know knows me personally will know I speak my mind and don’t mince my words – I’m not here to tell you what a company whats me to tell you, I will give you my 100% honest opinion.

So when I say electric vehicles are great then you should give them a test drive when you’re updating your vehicle.

On Thursday 21st July Go Ultra Low are giving you the chance to win £750.

£750 is the amount of money you can save by making the switch from a petrol/diesel car to an electric car.

Follow Go Ultra Lows journey on Thursday via Twitter with the hashtag #FollowTheSuitcase in Nottingham between 11am – 1pm.

Try and guess the final location and get there as soon as possible.

See all the information you need here…

The first person to tweet a selfie with the Go Ultra Low car wins the cash!

My family had a weeks test drive of an electric car and we actually asked to extend the test drive as we didn’t want to hand the car back – it was amazing! See the full review here…

You can also save on your garage bills with an electric vehicle, they aren’t as expensive as people think. See the garage bill information here…

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