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How to improve your home security.

October was National Home Security Month, which means we’re thinking now more than ever about how we can bulk up our home’s security to keep our loved ones and belongings safe. We’re happy to report that it’s much easier than you think – and much less expensive, too.

So how exactly can you improve your home’s security? We’ve gathered up a list of our best tips, featuring guidance on home security gadgets, easy fixes you might not have thought of before, and even a video on how to thief-proof your home from none other than a reformed burglar. Read on for more!

Invest in quality windows and doors

As windows and doors are a burglar’s main access point into your home, it’s imperative they’re up to snuff security-wise.
You’ll want to make sure both have high-quality locking mechanisms – shoot bolt locks, locking handles and excluder devices for windows, and doors that are anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump at least – that are working properly so that if someone does try to break in, they’re going to have an impossible time of it.
Toughened glass or security film is also a must for both windows and doors, as this will make them harder to break. And if you can buy products that are Secured By Design, even better; that means they’re part of a police initiative geared to help consumers buy products that will help keep them safe.

Think like a burglar

This one might seem easier said than done, but this video by Anglian Home Improvements gives us insight into the mindset of a reformed burglar. In the video, ex-burglar Richard Taylor visits three properties and describes how another burglar might gain access and what would deter them.
Among his top tips are to always remove post sticking out of our letterboxes (or get someone to do this for you if you’re away), display mental blockers outside your house like a “Beware of the Dog” sign, and remove wheelie bins out of sight so they can’t be used to help a burglar break into your home. Check out the video for his full list.
Keep your entryway visible

If a burglar is going to gain entry to your home through your front door, having trees and shrubbery that hide your front door will only give the burglar privacy. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure your home’s entryway is fully visible from the street so that any passersby or your neighbours can see if anyone’s trying to break into your home and can alert the police.

Install some home security gadgets

Home security technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the last few years, turning our homes into bona fide fortresses.
There are a number of video surveillance cameras you can get for the outside of your home that are much less expensive than you think, but if you want to avoid a bulky camera, there are video doorbells that’ll help you keep an eye on the entryway to your home too.
Smart locks on your front door are helpful as well – with them, you can manage who has access into your home and receive notifications when your front door is opened. They also completely eliminate the need for a physical key, as most of the time your smart phone will be enough to give you entry.

For more information on how Anglian Home Improvements can help you keep your home safe and sound, check out the advanced features their windows and doors offer.

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