Winter is coming… So now’s the time to save

Winter is coming… So now’s the time to save

This week is Big Energy Saving Week, this is when the UK Government, Energy Saving Trust and Citizen’s Advice all come together to encourage you to save on energy before the winter weather hits.

And while we’ve already had our fair share of cooler nights, there’s still plenty of time to dodge the worst of the scary winter fuel bills.

Thankfully, Big Energy Saving Week is full of ideas to help you get more for your cash – giving you more money to spend on winter luxuries and fewer worries about your next gas bill! I am supporting the campaign – but what exactly does it mean for you?

So what is actually happening?

Kicking off on Monday, October 31, Big Energy Saving Week will get into the Halloween spirit by looking at how you can dodge a scary bill and insulate yourself from shocking energy spends.

Bringing together the Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Scotland and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the campaign offers hints and tips on how best to save, from switching energy supplier changing habits in the home to using more efficient products such as LED lightbulbs.

How will it help me?

Research by the Energy Saving Trust and Ofgem has found that the average UK household can save around £300 just by switching supplier – so Citizens Advice’s Switching Tool is a great place to start checking for savings. Meanwhile, Citizens Advice will also be hosting special surgeries at more than 300 locations across the UK, with Scottish, Welsh and English households all able to access the very best advice right on their doorstep.

And here on Ashleigh Money Saver, we’ll also be bringing you hints and tips throughout the week – on everything from insulating your home to making sure you take the right steps to slash your bills.

Wait, there’s more!

Think you already know all there is to know about getting the best energy tariff available? Well, Big Energy Saving Week in partnership with EnergyUK is running a special quiz to see just how much you know about changing energy supplier – and you could win £1,500 just by taking part. Launching on Monday, it’s a great way to test your knowledge on energy switching.

To find out more, keep checking back here at Ashleigh Money Saver, where we’ll have more advice throughout the week.

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What would you do with the money you save? Would you save it for a rainy day? Treat yourself? Book a holiday?

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