Woman Finds Mice In Amazon Parcel

A woman has found mice in her Amazon parcel

She is now keeping the mice as pets

A woman ordered an oak table from Amazon for £43 and when it was delivered, she noticed the box has a few holes in.

Amazon customer, Kat, opened the parcel when she got the parcel inside her home and to her amazement a mouse popped out of the box!

Luckily she isn’t squeamish and she managed to catch the mouse. Kat then noticed a dead mouse in the box when suddenly another live mouse came running out.

In total she found 3 live mice and 3 dead mice in the box, however, she lately found another live mouse running around her kitchen which she thinks must have escaped from the box without her realising. 

Kat bought the table on Amazon Marketplace and thinks the mice burrowed into the box when it was in the warehouse.

Kat contacted the RSPCA about the mouse situation who said ”On March 3 we were contacted by a member of the public who had a shock when she unwrapped a package which had been delivered to her home. Inside she found four live mice and three dead ones. An RSPCA inspector offered to collect the animals but she said she would like to keep the mice as pets. We have not seen the mice so cannot be sure whether these mice are wild or domestic. We would not advise people keep any animals taken from the wild as pets as their needs can be very difficult to meet in captivity.”

Amazon have since apologised to Kat and offered her a full refund and a £60 gift certificate.

Have you ever had anything weird in a delivery which you didn’t order?

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