Woman gives birth live on Facebook

Woman gives birth live on Facebook

Would you film your partner in labour and giving birth?

I remember the videos Robbie Williams took when his wife was in labour and I thought they were so funny, I love his humour – however this proud new father took it to the next level…

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, from California, used the ‘live video’ option on his mobile phone to film his partner in labour and giving birth to their child.

The video has been viewed more than 74,000 times since it was filmed on Monday 16th May 2016.

Fakamalo wrote on the live stream “Let’s try pushing baby out”

He could then be heard crying as his baby entered the world and saying “Thank you, God. I am so happy right now.”

He later thanked viewers, inviting those in the area to come to his house to celebrate next weekend.

Would you go this far when giving birth? I had too much gas and air when I was in both of my labours that it made me very sleepy and I was barely awake – It was so easy! haha

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