Woman receives strange substitute in her Sainsbury’s delivery.

Woman receives strange substitute in her Sainsbury’s delivery.

If, like me, you prefer to do your grocery shopping online these days, then you’ll understand the substitute service.

Basically, if you order something online for your weekly shop and it isn’t in stock when it comes to preparing your order for delivery, then you will be given a substitute in the form of a similar product.

However, this doesn’t always go to plan, and the substitutes aren’t always as similar as you’d like.

Suzanne Bradish recently ordered some flowers from Sainsbury’s, but when the delivery came her boyfriend accepted the substitute without a second thought.


Sainsbury’s had substituted her bunch of flowers for spring onions!

Twitter users were quick to respond to Suzanne’s tweet with their own experiences. One Tesco customer explained how she once ordered a square pie dish from Tesco and instead received a washing up bowl.

Another Sainsbury’s customer tweeted about the time she ordered squeezy lemon for pancake day and instead received Cif lemon bathroom cleaner.

I love reading these ‘substitute stories’ have you received any strange ones yourself?

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