Women reveals life-saving knowledge in a bid to help others!

Women reveals life-saving knowledge in a bid to help others!

You may have already heard of this story as it’s been circulating around social media over the past couple of weeks and has already made a big impact on so many people. However, I think this could be an important post and could potentially be life-saving which is why I’ve chosen to share it.

A brave woman whose husband had a stroke posted a status on Facebook explaining exactly what happened in detail in order to help others recognise the earlier signs and not just the major ones.

In the extremely detailed post she writes: ‘When my hard working, frequent traveling husband arrived home from work one Friday evening. 

He didn’t mention that he was home later than expected because his pinky and ring finger on his left hand just kept hitting the wrong damn keys, and he had to keep re-typing his emails.

He didn’t mention that he’d stumbled for no apparent reason when walking to the bus stop from work.

He didn’t mention that the reason he knocked on the door at home to get in was that he had fumbled and dropped the keys a number of times while trying to open the door.

He did mention that he felt like he was getting the flu.’


Jodie Niven goes on to describe how her husband’s condition deteriorated throughout the night until she eventually called for an ambulance. It wasn’t until the ambulance actually arrived that her husband started  showing the classic stroke symptoms of slurred speech and drooping face.

Luckily Jodie’s husband made a full recovery and she says: ‘If you notice the slightest ‘strange’ incident, or physical behaviour in yourself, or in others, including an unusual trip, or slight change in coordination of fingers, stop.

“Stop for a minute and ask them to smile, to poke their tongue out, to hold their arms out in front of them, and above their head.

“Ask them to repeat a sentence. Name five things and ask them to repeat them back to you. If everything seems ok DON’T let them go to bed, keep an eye out for small changes.

“If there are signs of stroke, no matter how minor, CALL AN AMBULANCE.

Jodie’s Facebook post has now been shared over 307,835 times and there’s no doubt that such a powerful statement will help educate many others in the warning signs to look out for and potentially save somebody’s life. Although many of us will already be aware of the more serious signs of a stroke, there is no doubt that this post highlights some of the earlier symptoms which could be the difference between life and death.

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