Women to get time off for periods

Women to get time off for periods

Should women be given time off work for periods? Well one company in Bristol certainly thinks so and is even introducing a ‘period policy’ .

Co-Exist in Bristol is following in the footsteps of Japan, China and South Korea and introducing ‘menstrual leave’ for women who work for their company.

Women are often embarrassed by their periods and therefore tend not to admit they are suffering with pain caused by them. The new policy is aimed to make women feel more comfortable at work.

Full details haven’t been put in place by the company yet however the general idea is that women will be allowed time off if they are suffering with their periods, and make up their time later when they are feeling better.

The company directr Bex Baxtor is going to aim to change the stigma surrounding women’s issues and told The Sun: ‘I have managed many female members of staff over the years and I have seen women at work who are bent over double because of the pain caused by their periods.’

“For us, we wanted a policy in place which recognises and allows women to take time for their body’s natural cycle without putting this under the label of illness.”

The proposal hs been welcomed by both men and female members of staff at the Co-Exist company. But do you think this is a great idea and should more companies follow suit and put similar procedures in place for their female members of staff to help them feel ‘more comfortable’.

Let me know what you think in the poll below.

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