Working From Home With Kids: 5 Top Tips

Many of us are currently working through the ‘juggle struggle’ – working from home with the kids around! Read on for our 5 top tips of how to navigate this challenging time, and keep both you and the little ones happy!

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse, so here’s how to make the most of a sticky situation.

1. Set a specific working area for both yourself and the little ones

…even if you have to forgo a dining table for a little while! It helps both parties to have a designated work area, even if it seems super tempting to set up shop with your laptop in bed. If you can encourage children to understand that your makeshift workspace is a very important place where they must keep a distance from, that helps them establish a boundary (and keep any office equipment safe from juice spillages). Whilst homeschooling, you could even convert the other seats around the dining table to some school desks! If you think your kids might need coaxing into an at-home learning environment, a few desk treats from shopDisney with their fave characters might just do the trick.

2. Educate with entertainment

Popping a child-friendly documentary or educational tv show on is a great way to give yourself a guaranteed 90 minutes to power through your emails! Disney+ has just launched with some great factual show to keep kids entertained (without being boring)! You can start a 7 day free trial today.

3. Make the most of naps!

If your little ones are still at the age where they have morning and afternoon naps then congratulations – you’ve just discovered a golden nugget of time to be productive! Ahead of nap time, write down a list of everything you’d like to achieve during that power hour, and get yourself in order to have some serious laptop time. Nailed. It.

4. Establish a routine

Although it might be tempting to work in your pyjamas, getting dressed (even if it’s just into leggings and a t-shirt) will help you feel more productive! The same mentality goes for the little ones. Even though they’re not getting up and ready for school every day, having a timetable will help them not just feel like they’re on a prolonged Easter break. Take a look at our handy timetable below to get started!

5. Be kind to yourself

If you haven’t managed to power through your to-do list as normal, that’s okay! Remember to open a window, get some fresh air, and savour your morning coffee. We’re all in an uncertain time right now thanks to coronavirus, and if you’re doing the best you can then that is enough! Even if you haven’t replied to every single email today, you’re still doing a great job juggling work and childcare.

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