Worried About Your Boiler Going on the Blink?

Worried About Your Boiler Going on the Blink?

For homeowners, you only have to mention to the word boiler and it sends a shudder down their spines. And with good reason. Not only do you worry about it going faulty, but then you have to contend with the crippling costs of getting it fixed or replaced.

And things only get worse during these cold, dark winter months.

It can cost almost £350 to repair a broken boiler and research has suggested that a boiler breaks down every twenty seconds in the UK – with only one in three households having the available funds if it did all go pear-shaped.

So what can we do about it?

Firstly, ensure your boiler is well maintained. An annual service can cost under £100 from a reputable company and it is essential to guarantee that your boiler is running smoothly. Plus, make sure you book your service during the quiet, summer months as this is the time they are generally at their cheapest.

One sensible precaution would be to take out a boiler cover plan. For a fixed monthly fee, a boiler breakdown plan could ensure that if anything did go wrong, you’d never be left out in the cold for too long (pardon the pun!).

Studies have shown that only six out of ten households have boiler and central heating cover – with many only considering these options after they experience a breakdown and find themselves having to deal with those hefty bills left behind.

When considering a boiler care package, be sure to shop around. Head over to price comparison websites such as Money Supermarket, Go Compare and Energy Helpline where companies regularly offer exclusive deals such as money off, free upgrades or free boiler servicing.

Secondly, if you’re already a member of cashback sites such as Quidco or Top Cashback, head over to those to see if boiler cover companies offer cashback on their online deals. Some companies can offer up to £75 cashback for their boiler cover plans – so make the most of your hard-earned pounds!

Read the details. This may sound simple but it’s important to find out what you are (and aren’t) covered for. Some boiler packages include extras as standard such home security care or a cover for pest control whereas some may have strict exclusions or hidden labour fees.

Are you covered for a boiler breakdown? Is your central heating covered too? It’s always best to check the small print as it could prevent unnecessary phone calls and waiting in long queues (we all know that feeling!) only to be told we aren’t covered.

Are you a tenant? Only homeowners need to worry about taking a central heating care plan but it’s always worth checking with your landlord to see if they have taken one out in the event of a home emergency at your home. Also, insist on a gas safety certificate as these should be conducted each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Finally, bask in the warmth of your home knowing you’ve saved a few pounds (and probably saved a few sleepless nights!).

24|7 Home Rescue are a boiler warranty, appliance warranty, TV warranty and home emergency cover provider, based in Lancashire and operating across the UK. We don’t just offer warranties – we offer fixed price repairs too, and can arrange manufacturer-approved repairs for a huge range of brands.

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