Worrying number of under 12’s on social media sites.

Worrying number of under 12’s on social media sites.

A new report has revealed that as many as three-quarters of children between the age of 10-12 now have social media accounts on the top three social media channels.

There are age restrictions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram meaning the minimum age you are allowed to be to sign up is 13. Despite this, children younger than 13 are still managing to create accounts.

78% of 10-12 year-olds are now members of social media sites

Out of the 10 – 12-year-olds who were questioned for this survey, a massive 78% revealed that they were members of at least one social media site.

The most popular social media sites amongst the under 12’s were Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Not surprisingly, as the cases of under 12’s on social media increase, so do the cases of online bullying, which poses the question, should parents be taking more control?BullyingStatistics.org have said that almost 77 percent of students have been victims.

Cyber bullying cases increase

BullyingStatistics.org have said that almost 77 percent of students have been victims to online bullying via social media which is a worrying percentage. For this reason it is urged that anybody who comes across an account which is suspected to belong to someone under the required age, they report it.

Further research has shown that 46 percent of parents have set up a social media account for a child under 13. The same research confirmed that 45% of parents felt that the current age restrictions are ‘too limiting’.

Should parents be more vigilant with internet safety? 

Around a third of parents have also admitted that they have never spoken with their children about internet safety, which is key for helping children stay safe online.

Based on these findings do you think that a better education on the issues surrounding cyber bullying and internet safety should be imposed? Let me know by joining my poll!

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