Would You Change Your Name For Freebies?

Would You Change Your Name For Freebies?

That’s what one man has done and he has had everything from free car rentals to hotel rooms…

When a 24 year old IT manager changed his name he started to get lots of things for free. Raven Felix Null changed his name and now he gets car rentals, holidays and more all for free.

The reason he has gotten things for free is because computer programs do not recognise the name ‘Null’. This is because the computer thinks that the name is not a person. When the reservation is looked for it appears as ‘an absence of data’. The computer will then not validate the request and he is not charged for what ever he has purchased.

He first posted about this on Reddit and this is what he said:

‘I have gotten a lot of free stuff because [a] code gives an error to the effect of “last name can’t be left blank” and the person helping me will “just put my info in later” but they never do (or can’t).’

If anyone refused to get him the items for free he would threaten then with a lawsuit them for discriminating his name. The company usually gives in to the request. He has stated that he would never actually sue the company, because it is just a problem but still, it needs to be fixed. 

Ravens intentions were not to get things for free when he changed his name, but instead, an attempt to be disassociated with everything, including his ‘family’.

Would you go to this extreme?


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