Would You Do This For A Free Lunch?

Would you do this for a free lunch? That’s what I’d love to find out today…

A have received a few messages from people telling me it is possible to do this but I’m a little on the fence as it may stop a genuine customer claiming their prize…

Walker crisps are currently giving you the chance to win a free lunch with a purchase of their crisps. 1 in 6 bags wins.

There is a code on the outside of selected walkers crisp packets, which gives anyone the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion.

You text the code along with your email address to 85101


Input the code into this web form 

If you are not a winner then you pick up another bag of crisps and try that code, once you find a winning bag you purchase it.

You can then chose one of the following to claim your free lunch…

1. Receive a coupon in the post and redeem at any participating retailer
2. Buy your lunch at any Shopitize App participating retailer using your smartphone to upload proof of purchase and get a refund (via bank transfer or PayPal)
3. Buy your lunch at any receipt upload participating retailer, upload your receipt from your smartphone or PC to our website and get a refund via PayPal

The participating retailers are…

So what do you think?

Would you do this to secure yourself a free lunch or do you think its a little unethical?

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