Would You Give Out A Gift Bag Like These On A Plane?

Would You Give Out A Gift Bag Like These On A Plane?

Parents on planes have been giving out gift bags to apologise for their loud, crying baby or babies.

One occurrence of this was uploaded to reddit.com. The user posted a picture of the bag and the note.

The gift bag included sweets, mints and ear plugs and a note asking for them other passengers to understand that the child is younger and they know they will probably cry. The note also apologises in case the child does cry.

The note read:

“Hi Stranger!

My Name is Madeline. I will be 1 on December 17th and this is my first flight. I’ll try to be on my best behaviour, but I’d like to apologise in advance if I lose my cool, get scared or my ears hurt. My mom and dad packed you this goodies bag with a few treats. There are ear plugs in case my first public serenade isn’t as enjoyable to you as it is to my mom and dad.

Have great flight! :)”

These bags were handed out to all of the passenger to notify them of the possible disturbance and they apologise for it.

This a similar to another story about a person who gave out sweets on their flight as they had new born twins on the plane. This story was also shared on reddit.com, where the passenger said ‘Brilliant and thoughtful parents handed these out to everyone on my flight’ adding a picture of the sweets he was given and the note explaining what they were for.

The note which was given on the flight was:


We’re twin baby boys on our first flight and we are only 14 weeks old! We’ll try to be on our behaviour, but we’d like to apologise in advance if i lose my cool, get scared or my ears hurt. Our mom and dad (AKA our portable milk machine and diaper changer) have ear plugs available if you need them. We are all sitting in 20E and 20F if you want to come by and get a pair.

We hope you have a great flight!” 

The post on reddit gained one million views and 3,000 comments, with mostly positive feedback. Many people said it was a very considerate thing to do, whereas some people were saying they was a bit much just for a crying baby. They also said they it is to be expected with babies, they are going to cry, an apology is not needed.

So, if you had new born babies and needed to travel, would you give out goodie bags like these, with treats and an explanation?

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