Would You Pay THIS Much For Ben & Jerry’s New Ice Cream?

If you’re taking part in Veganuary this month and are seriously craving something sweet, or are just a vegan who loves their ice cream, you’ll probably wanna check out Ben & Jerry’s latest creation.

The famous ice cream brand have created a new non-dairy treat, but it’s certainly one for the coconut lovers!

The new flavour called Coconutterly Caramel’d consists of deliciously sweet caramel and cookies, with almonds, chocolate chunks and swirls too!

Sounds mouth watering doesn’t it?

We think the coconut flavour will be super refreshing in the summertime too!

If you’re wanting to try the new sweet treat, you may want to bear in mind that it does cost a pricier £6 per tub, but if you’re craving ice cream, love coconut, or have a dairy intolerance, it is almost definitely worth the splurge.

We don’t have an official release date, but keep an eye out in your local supermarkets as they’re set to hit stores in around a fortnight!

Image: Ben & Jerry’s
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