Would You Pay Thousands For Beauty Treatments For Your Child?

A mother of 6 pays thousands for her daughters to have beauty treatments

I would love to know, would you pay thousands for beauty treatments for your child?

33 year old Donna, mum of 6, spends hours each month ensuring her children look and feel beautiful. She often takes her daughters for regular beauty treatments and has done since they were 5.

Now, I admit, I have taking my daughter to the beauty salon with me. My 5 year ld daughter is glued to my hip, honestly, I still can’t go to the toilet in peace! When I get my nails done, my daughter will often tag along and get her nails painted too but thats as far as it goes.

However, Donna’s daughters are 14, 11 and 8 and regularly go for a deep moisturising facial, eye brow threading and eyebrow tint. The oldest 2 also have their hair dyed.

Mum Donna suffered a huge backlash after appearing on This Morning with Mya and saying they are often mistaken as sisters.

But Donna, who has spent thousands on the girls’ looks since they were five, denies they are too young for the beauty treatments.

She said: “My girls are the British version of Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple.

“Gwyneth allows Apple to have £140 facials. Well, I do the same and spend thousands on my daughter’s beauty treatments from the time they’re five. It’s what proper mothers do. It’s not indulging them, it’s teaching them from an early age to care for their skin properly, to learn to wear make-up in a non-clownish way, to have their eye brows threaded and their hair coloured. More mothers could learn from me and the closeness I share with my daughters. Most mums don’t have time for this and simply let their kids wile away hours on iPads. I don’t think that is appropriate. When my girls, even the little ones, leave the house they always look perfect – perfect hair, make-up and skin – it is never too early to start. I am not making them grow up too fast nor over-sexualising them. Gwyneth does it and it teaches her daughter about great skin and hair care. What’s the difference?”

Donna admits that over a year she spends thousands letting her girls indulge in the same beauty treatments she herself has.

How much Donna spends a month on her daughters treatments;

Hair colouring – Mya and Danielle – £50 every 6 weeks

Haircuts – Mya, Danielle, Jessie – £20 every 6 weeks

Facials – All girls £20 each monthly plus face pack top ups at home (£40 month)

Eye brow threading – Mya and Danielle – £20 each a month

Manicures – Mya and Danielle – £20 each a month

Makeup – all Girls £20 per month each

Donna says her rule is as soon as the girls hit double figures they can have hair colouring and eye brow threading. ”Threading is hugely popular – yes, it hurts but the shaping allows for a great brow. It’s a house full of girls and, let’s face it, they all want to look great.”

”I think many mums are irresponsible not showing their kids from a young age how to do facials and skin cleansing and make-up and nails. I would call that lazy in fact. My girls are beautiful, happy and well-mannered and I am a great mum.”

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