WOW: BT Infinity Broadband For £28.99 and a FREE £125 Reward Card

When was the last time you looked into how much you’re paying for broadband? If you’re saving up for a house, car or even a holiday, analysing your finances regularly helps you identify where you could scrimp, save and still get a good deal. I’ve found a fab BT Broadband deal for you all, just in time for the summer holidays where you can bet the kids will be using WiFi 24/7!

This online exclusive ‘Unlimited Infinity 1‘ offer includes:

  1. A special ‘welcome’ 25% discount
  2. Super speedy 52MB, unlimited monthly usage
  3. Mega powerful BT Smart Hub
  4.  FREE access to 5 million BT WiFi hotspots for when you’re out and about
  5.  100GB Cloud Storage
  6. Virus Protection
  7. Parental Controls
  8.  FREE UK weekend calls and nuisance call protection
  9.  FREE BT Sport until 31st July
  10.  FREE £125 reward card 

…all for only £28.99 a month on a 12 month contract!

If you want to reduce the cost of this fantastic deal even further, you can use the £125 reward card to pay for your BT Infinity – bringing down the cost even further.


If you know the kids will be spending the majority of their summer holidays at home browsing the web, there’s really no better time to make sure you’ve got a fab internet deal!

Not only will loads of internet at a good price keep you and the kids happy, if you’ve got a footy lover in your house they’re sure to love BT Sport! With this package, BT Sport is FREE until the 31st July and has exclusive showings of the UEFA Champions League, as well as the Premier League, FA Cup, MotoGP, Aviva Premiership Rugby and loads more.

Click this link to view this amazing BT deal, and rest easy that you won’t be landed with a giant internet bill when the kids go back to school in September!

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