WOW! Tesco’s Discounted Its Tins Of Quality Street & They’re Super Cheap!

Finally finished all of your chocolates from Christmas and are trying to get back in to the swing of eating healthy? Well you won’t be able to resist this amazing offer from Tesco!

Supermarket Tesco have plummeted the prices of their big tins of Quality Street chocolates in an attempt to clear out Christmas stock, and people are going mad for them!

The traditional festive chocolates are usually priced at around £5 in the lead up to Christmas, but the popular supermarket have reduced their metal tins of Quality Street to an incredible £1.25, which is just a quarter of their original price!

Customers have been going mad for the sweets online and have been stockpiling them in bulk, as there doesn’t seem to be a limit as to how many you can buy…

Unfortunately it seems the tins are only available in store and not online, as it’s dependent on what each store has left in stock, so you will have to pop down to your local Tesco to see if you can get your hands on a tin (or a few)!

Whether you’re thinking of stockpiling ahead of next Christmas before the prices rise again, fancy taking a tin or two to work, or simply want to keep them as a treat, you certainly don’t want to miss this amazing bargain!

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