Yorkshire Tea Has Released A Biscuit Flavour Brew!

Love dunking your biscuits in to your tea? There’s nothing worse than being caught without a pack of your favourites, but Yorkshire Tea are here to solve all of our biscuity problems!

The brand have created a fantastic new brew that supposedly tastes just like tea and biscuits!

Which means we can get our favourite malty taste when we’re sipping our tea on our commute, when we’ve ran out of biscuits to dunk, or when we’re on a little bit of a health kick!

Plus, if you hate it when your biscuit awkwardly snaps in to your cuppa, these tea bags will help you get the taste you love without the faff.

Yorkshire Tea’s new blend costs just £2.29 for a pack of 40 tea bags, so you can get the exciting new taste for just 1p more than the brands Breakfast Brew.

If you can’t wait to try the new Biscuit Brew, get down to your local Morrisons store now!

Image: Taylors Of Harrogate
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