You Can Get Paid For Completing Surveys Online!

You Can Get Paid For Completing Surveys Online!

Did you know that you get paid as much as £5 for just completing an online survey? Probably not…

Signing up for Value Opinions’ UK panel allows you to get paid for every survey you complete. You will get up to £5 of credit which can be redeemed as gift vouchers for online stores, such as Amazon, Boots and many more. Alternatively, you can donate your credit to charity. There are several charities you can directly donate to. These include Amnesty International and the British Red Cross.

The surveys are targeted to you. This means that you can edit your profile to get surveys which are relevant to you will be targeted to you. This will make a more precise result for the brands or business wanting you to complete the survey.

The surveys allow you to tell different brands, whether you like them or not, what you think about them or their products. The surveys don’t just allow you to get gift cards, you can also get to test new and unreleased products and packaging. Reviewing marketing campaigns is another opportunity you can take part in.

The surveys make real change as well. They allow companies to see what areas they could improve their businesses. This is because the brands and companies will receive information about how they can improve their services and products. Who better to receive criticism from than the people who use their products and services every day?

There have been 400,000 people who have already signed up in the UK alone and 3 million worldwide, and you could be the next. It is quick to sign up, and once you do, you will be able to take surveys straight away. 

Sign up now to start getting £5 per survey.

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