YOU could star in new Harry Potter film!

YOU could star in new Harry Potter film!

Do you know any hardcore Harry Potter fans who’d LOVE an opportunity to actually star in the new JK Rowling spin-off film? Well this could be their lucky break because open auditions are being held to find a girl for the leading role!

Unfortunately if you have followed the books from the beginning, you may just be a bit too old as the Warner Bros film studio are looking for girls aged eight to 12!

Hopefuls who are interested in hitting the big screen will be auditioning for the part of Modesty.

According to the studio, the character is: “A haunted young girl with an inner strength and stillness. She has an ability to see deep into people and understand them.”

If you know a young aspiring actress who you think would be perfect for this role, then why not pass this message on?

The hopefuls are invited to start queueing this Saturday at the Excel Centre in London from 9am.

The chosen actress will star opposite Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne in the film ‘Fantastic Beasts’ in which the book was released back in 2001. Now this certainly isn’t an opportunity that you hear of every day!

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