Car seat warning to parents after shocking research results

Car seat warning to parents after shocking research results

Can you believe that a third of children aged between eight and 11 aren’t using mandatory booster seats?

A car seat warning has been issued after research by Good Egg discovers that 34 percent of children surveyed were travelling in just an adult seatbelt, which I personally found shocking.

The current law states that children under 12 or less than 135cm in height must use a booster seat.

Sarah-Jane Martin from road safety charity Brake told The Sun: “These figures are very worrying and show that we’re not taking child car seat safety seriously enough.

“It’s vital that all parents understand that it’s not just toddlers who need protecting.”

Using an adult seat belt and no booster seat can cause serious damage to children as they are not designed with a child’s body in mind. If older children do not use a booster and are too small for the seat belt, the belt can cause very serious in the event of a car accident.

It seems that parents may not be understanding that It’s not just toddlers who need protecting but older children are just as much at risk.

Booster seats are not very pricey and you can get them here for less than £10.

CLICK HERE to read more on this story in The Sun.

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