Your child could be entitled to free home to school transport.

Your child could be entitled to free home to school transport.

Would this help you out?

Do you have a school aged child? Did you know that they could be entitled to free home to school transport?

Lot’s of people aren’t aware of the government run scheme and therefore haven’t thought to apply but I know this could potentially be a big help for some people.

Your eligibility depends on where you live, your income, and your child’s age. Your child may also qualify for free home to school transport if they have special educational needs or a disability.

Home to school transport is provided for children if they live further away from their appropriate neighbourhood school than the statutory walking distance (2 miles for primary school, and 3 miles for secondary school).

Secondary school pupils who are in receipt of free school meals or whose household qualifies for the maximum level of working tax credits will also qualify for free school travel if:

  • They attend one of their three nearest qualifying schools and live between 2 and 6 miles away, or
  • They attend the nearest suitable school preferred on grounds of religion or belief (i.e. faith school) and the school is between 2 and 15 miles from their home address.

CLICK HERE for full details on the Governments website.

CLICK HERE for the free transport application form.
Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think this may help….
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