Your Wombling Experiences…

Have you ever wombled?

I would love to know your wombling experiences

For those who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about…

Wombling is picking up discarded receipts that you can use against your shopping to save yourself a few pound.

For example, you were in Asda and you noticed a discarded receipt in a trolley. You quickly snap it up and take it home with you and enter the details into the Asda Price Guarantee system… You end up with a receipt for a few pound off your next shop… Result!

Well, I have been talking to a lovely lady recently called Allison. Allison has been wombling for a while, if she can save herself a few pound on her shopping by using other peoples discarded receipts then why shouldn’t she??

That’s not what Asda seem to think… Allison was redeeming her wombled receipts in Asda when she was approached by a supervisor and asked to leave the store. She questioned why she should and security came and escorted her from the store!

Surely this is wrong?! She wasn’t harming anyone. 

If others are throwing away potential money, should we not be able to pick it up and use it?

Have you have any similar experiences or is your store ok?

I contacted Asda 6 weeks ago for a statement, but have not had a response…


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