4th October 2023

Top 10 budget friendly Halloween costumes

Halloween is creeping up on us fast! It’s nearly time for all of the ghosts, ghouls & goblins to make an appearance…oh and the hungry little trick or treaters. Have you managed to sort a costume for your little ones yet? Don’t panic if you haven’t, I’ve pulled together my top 10 budget friendly Halloween costumes. 

In no particular order, let’s scroll through my top 10 scary picks together!


Starting off at everyone’s favourite bargain store, B&M. You’ll find a great selection of budget friendly Halloween costumes and so many more must haves! Ranging from masks and wigs to accessories, there’s a bit of everything. 

From blood-sucking vampires to spell-casting witches, and from fierce werewolves to bone-chilling zombies – B&M has it all! You can find the perfect costume to turn the little ones’ Halloween fantasies into spine-tingling reality from as little as just £10.

But the fun doesn’t end there, I’m obviously talking about the treasure trove of adult masks and wigs that will let you and your squad dive headfirst into the Halloween madness!


Let’s take a little trip down to the TU Clothing section of your local Sainsburys to reveal a treat worth talking about. Their budget friendly Halloween costumes range from kids costumes, toddler & baby costumes and adult costumes…who said kids have to have all the fun! You’ll be able to find something for all ages!

Toddler & baby costumes start from as low as just £4, making your choice an easy one for your little pumpkin. Or maybe you’ve got an older Halloween enthusiast you need to zombify before the big day? Score some kids costumes from as little as just £13. Now, let’s get serious, whether it’s a couples costume or a solo mission, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the adult costumes section, starting from as low as £15, it’s a no brainer…mmmm brains. 


Head down to your local Matalan or shop online to ‘creep’ it real this Halloween. Spooky season has never been so fun and exciting when there’s this many budget friendly Halloween costumes to pick from. 

With kids costumes starting from as low as £10, there’s never been a better time to snap these up. No matter what the little ones are wanting to dress up as, you’ll find it at Matalan whilst saving big. Matalan caters to all ages when it comes to their Halloween costumes, I couldn’t take my eyes off the baby range, they were so cute!

For those of you that don’t have kids, I’ve thrown in this little treat just for you! Secure some stunning new Halloween themed cosy bedding for bargain prices. There’s duvet sets which start from as low as £21, that’s got your name written all over it.


Calling all wizards, witches & skeletons! You won’t be able to get enough of the Halloween range at ASDA, not only do they have an amazing range of budget friendly Halloween costumes, but they also have the best accessories ready to be paired with your next Halloween fit. Drag your bones down to your local ASDA and be wowed by the endless choices of spooky season goods.

With kids costumes starting as low as £7, they really have nailed the variety and price. You can also bag some adult costumes which start from just £10. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches and complete any costume with some of their spooky accessories like masks, hats, make up and so much more.


Starting at just £15.99, Very have a ‘very’ good range of budget friendly Halloween costumes…see what I did there? Anyway, if my jokes weren’t scary (or bad) enough, these costumes will save me! Pick from the amazing choices of scary must haves and you’ll be winning the best dressed at the party in no time.

There’s also some spooky kids costumes which the little ones will absolutely love, they’ll be the envy of all their friends with their brand new eerie disguise! From creepy to hilarious, mysterious to iconic, Very have all the bases covered!

The Range

Who knew The Range had such a…range of budget friendly Halloween costumes. It’s time to crank up the spook-o-meter and embrace the Halloween spirit like never before with the endless picks from The Range! With accessories starting from just £1.49 and costumes starting from £18.99, you could complete the perfect costume for around £20.

They’ve got an eerie option for everyone in the family, from adults to little trick-or-treaters. I’m talking bone-chilling costumes, thrilling props, and downright terrifying masks that will turn you all into creepy clowns, fearsome creatures, and beloved characters. What’s not to love! Dive into this haunted treasure trove and discover the perfect Halloween must haves.


Are you really a bargain hunter if you don’t slip in a cheeky trip to Primark? Well now you have the perfect excuse to drag the other half inside when you look through their budget friendly Halloween costumes. This range is probably my favourite out of this list as there’s so many different things to choose from, whether you’re looking for a onesie, a scary t-shirt or a full costume, you’ll find it at a great price in your local Primark!

With Halloween must have wears starting from as low as £2..yes just £2, you’ll find it nearly impossible to find a better set of Halloween bargains. Browse the range and I can assure you that you’ll walk out with something for you and the kids.


Get ready to let your little mischief-makers unleash their wildest Halloween dreams…or nightmares with this spooky range of kids budget friendly Halloween costumes at H&M! Whether they’re aiming for cute, scary, funny, or just outrageously over the top, H&M is the place to be for their next costume and accessories.

Accessories start from as low as £2.99, helping you add those spook-tacular finishing touches to the scariest of costume choices. Speaking of costume choices, starting from as low as £7.99, your little monster won’t be able to decide which one they love the most. Make this Halloween a one to remember, all whilst saving big.


Get ready to haunt the Halloween scene with Lidl’s spine-tingling selection of costumes and accessories! You won’t believe how cheap these budget friendly Halloween costumes are at Lidl. Starting from just £5.99 each, you’ll struggle to find a costume which is this friendly on your bank account. 

Whether your little one’s are aiming to become the scariest ghouls on the block or want to channel their inner Halloween icon, Lidl have got you covered. Lidl’s Halloween collection will help you make a chillingly unforgettable statement. So, dive into the world of Halloween at Lidl and get ready to transform into the stuff of nightmares or the life of the party!


A trip down to Argos is next on the list, you’d be madder than a mad scientist to not browse through the huge range of bargain Halloween costumes. Kids costumes start from as low as just £12 and with so many terrifying options to pick from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s also a great selection of face paint & make up so you can add the finishing touches to any costumes you already have.

The baby & toddler costumes start so low! You can bag the cutest sleep suits which start at just £4, or the toddlers options start from only £12, your head will be spinning with all these steals!

Don’t worry if you’re not planning on going trick or treating this year, there’s some gorgeous Halloween themed pyjamas for the kids, starting from as low as £10! Why not snuggle up and watch a spooky film in your cosy new PJ’s.

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