17th October 2023

Halloween-Inspired Dinner Delights On A Budget

Get ready to tuck your fangs into these budget friendly dinner & party food options. There’s never been a better time to whip up a cauldron of delicious, affordable dishes and nibbles that will leave yours and your ghoulish guests taste buds asking for more. Strap yourself in and let me take you through my top picks to make this Halloween a one to remember!


Iceland is always a great choice for offers on amazing tasting food, they’re always offering amazing discounts which will help you save big and their Halloween range is no different. Let’s take a look into their budget friendly dinner & party food options because it’s almost impossible to pay full price. 

From duck spring rolls to mozzarella sticks, they have you covered and nearly everything falls into their current offers like the mix & match deals where you can get any 3 of your favourites for £5 or any 3 of your favourites for £10. You’d be crazy not to jump into these tasty deals, this is definitely a treat and not a trick.


We can’t talk about budget friendly food without mentioning Aldi! As you’d expect, they’ve got a massive selection of budget friendly dinner & party food options which will leave your head spinning, your wallet smiling and your fridge and cupboards brimming with tasty treats.

Whether you’re looking to prepare a meal for the family in the spooky season or throw the best Halloween party that anyone has ever seen, this is your time to save big and bag yummy must haves. So head down to your local Aldi and be blown away by the endless choices.


If you aren’t putting on a huge spread this year but still want to offer some nibbles for all your ghostly guests, then you can go wrong with everyone’s favourite budget friendly store, B&M! You already know you can find amazing deals in your local store, so why aren’t you there filling your basket right now?

If you need fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates and more but you don’t want to spend big then your nearest B&M store is waiting for you!


Let’s take a stroll down to ASDA to reveal their spooky Halloween budget friendly dinner & party food options. You’ll be shocked at how low some of these prices are, with spooky savings for everyone to enjoy! Throw a spooktacular party and have some top of the range party food which will really raise the dead this Halloween.

You already know that you can fill your basket full of all the must have nibbles, mains and drinks for great prices at ASDA, so why not head over there right now and you’ll be wowed with the huge range of choices and discounts.


Are you shocked Lidl has made this list? No? Me neither! You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you dish out the best party food for your next big bash! Pick from an amazing range of budget friendly dinner & party food options that won’t disappoint.

When it comes to Lidl you already know that the prices are going to be low and the food quality is high, so why not treat yourself to a little extra on the side and you’ll still be saving big when you fill your basket. Don’t just take my word for it though, head down to your nearest Lidl store and you’ll see the amazing savings for yourself.

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