31st October 2023

10 Products Which Will Reduce Your Energy Costs

The Winter months can be tough! The darkness settles in earlier, the days & nights are getting colder, but there is one thing we can control and that’s how to reduce our energy cost. With the cost of living crisis still in full swing, we’ve had to get clever to reduce our rising energy bills. I’ve picked out 10 products which will help you reduce your energy costs in the long run. In no particular order, let’s get into it!

Air Fryers

Now these amazing must haves were always going to feature on this list. They’ve taken the world by storm over the recent year or so and I can see why! Not only do they cook delicious meals, but they’re also on the list of products which will help to reduce your energy costs. Lorna over at Feed Your Family recently put together a graphic which really shows the positive impact an air fryer can have on your energy bills when compared to cooking your meals in an oven.

Electric Blankets

Keeping warm through the night and just before bed time is so important, but you obviously don’t want to have the heating running for any longer than needed! That’s where an electric blanket comes in handy. Just put it on an hour or two before you go to bed and you’ll be jumping into a toasty warm bed. I’ve included this in my list of products which will reduce your energy costs because they’re much cheaper to run than the heating in your home, they’re such a great investment!

Putting Your Heating on a Timer

If you’re out and about over weekends or if you work full time during the week and aren’t around the house, why are you leaving the heating on? A trick to bring energy costs back down to where you want them is to place your heating on a timer. I usually have mine set to come on first thing in the morning whilst I’m getting ready for work and then set to come back on again when I’m due home from work. With so many smart meters etc, you can even set this up from your phone! How handy is that!

Fleece Bedding

Take out the need for the heating on a night or in the morning with some super cosy and warm fleece bedding! This was a must have on my list of products which will help to reduce your energy costs because you’ll only have to buy it once and it’ll save you putting on the heating on those cold Winter mornings and nights. This is a bargain find, not to mention a bedroom essential, which will keep you toasty warm through the nights. What’s not to love?

Slow Cookers

Not only are slow cookers ideal for those of us who are needing to prepare tea for the family and work a full time job at the same time, but they’re also highly recommended on my list of products which will help to reduce your energy costs as they’re so cheap to run! If we look back at the graphic which Lorna over at Feed Your Family prepared, you’ll see that they’re more cost effective than using an oven, hob and more!

Heated Airers

Now that the Winter months are well and truly here, that means the rainy weather has arrived too! Which can cause problems when it comes to getting your washing done…well, not anymore! Try and avoid the expensive tumble dryer and get your hands on a much more cost effective heated airer! This is a must have product which will reduce your energy costs and help you get through your big washing piles.

Draught Covers For Window / Draft Excluders

When it comes to having the heating on, you want to make sure you’re getting the full benefit! It can be easy for a little draught to creep in! That’s why when I was making my list of products which will reduce energy costs this was a must have inclusion. If you have pesky draughts coming through windows, doors or wherever that may be, you might want to consider purchasing a draught excluder.

Only Boiling The Water You Need

This is a little trick that I only found out about recently! If you’re a tea, coffee or any hot drink lover like I am, then this is a great little tip for how you can still enjoy your hot treat whilst cutting down on your energy costs. It’s so simple too, all you need to do is make sure you’re only boiling the water you need, as the more water there is to boil, the more energy you’ll use! Told you it was easy!

Heated Throws

Now I know that I’ve already mentioned electric blankets for your bed in the list of products which will reduce your energy costs, but what if you’re not going to bed yet? You should consider getting a heated throw to stop those cold Winter nights from getting to you at home! You’ll be able to get all snug on the settee with the peace of mind knowing that you haven’t had to put the heating on, saving you some money! That’s a no brainer to me!


Not only can you use heater airers, as I’ve mentioned previously on this list, to dry your clothes during the winter months, but you can also use dehumidifiers to save energy costs. Avoid putting on your tumble dryer and racking up big energy costs by bagging yourself this must have home essential for the Winter.

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