14th November 2023

Are you ready for some great gift ideas?

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already! Where has the time gone? If you still haven’t found that perfect gift for that special person in your life then don’t worry, I’ve picked out some great gift ideas which will give you some inspiration. Keep scrolling to see all the treats you can get from the number 1 tech brand, Box.co.uk.

Monster Children’s Backpack with Customisable LED Display

Imagine your little one’s face beaming with joy every single morning when they grab their very own Monster Children’s Backpack with Customisable LED Display and dash off to school. This isn’t just any old backpack, designed for fun, games, and learning, this great gift will bring a whole new level of excitement to your little one’s day.

With its eye-catching LED screen and nifty mobile app, you can let your child’s imagination run wild. Customise animations, play cool mini-games, and a whole lot more – it’s like a treasure chest of endless possibilities! At just £49.99, you’ll be saving a handy £10 from the RRP, that’s a bargain! Head over to Box.co.uk and get yours today.

Gel Blaster Surge

Introducing the Gel Blaster Surge – the ultimate tactile toy that’s about to take family fun to a whole new level! Carefully crafted for precision, this blaster is armed and ready to unleash hours of excitement with non-toxic Gellets. Load up the hopper with water-based Gellets from the Gellet Depot and gear up for an epic water battle like never before!

Whether you’re aiming for precision or diving into all-out mayhem, the single and fully automatic blast modes ensure non-stop fun. With up to 4 hours of playtime on a single charge, get ready for extended epic battles that’ll leave everyone soaked in joy! This absolute must have is now available for £59.95!

Divoom Timebox evo Pixel Art LED Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

This isn’t your standard portable Bluetooth speaker! Crank up the volume and let the immersive 6W DSP speaker blow your mind with its rich, room-filling sound. Or why not unleash your inner artist and craft some seriously cool pixel art designs with the Divoom App. Then, watch in amazement as they spring to life on the epic 16 x 16 LED display. It’s like having your very own digital canvas right at your fingertips!

The Timebox evo Pixel Art LED Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker is bursting with a ton of exciting features that’ll keep you entertained for days on end. From a smart alarm clock to classic mini games, it’s your guarantee that boredom will never, ever cross your path again. You can get yours for just £39.99 right now! That’s a saving of £5.

Xplora X4 Kids Smartwatch – Pink & Ocean Blue

Looking for a great new smart watch for the kids? You’ll struggle to find a better one than the Xplora X4 Kids Smartwatch. Designed for comfort and style, this trendy kids smart watch holds an amazing 60 hours of battery life, which means hours of fun and learning are guaranteed!

Available in pink and ocean blue, this is high on the list of great gift ideas! Especially now that you can get these for only £69.99, a whole £30 cheaper than the RRP. What’s not to love about that? Bag yourself a bargain and the kids their new favourite gadget just in time for Christmas.

Tonies Toniebox Starter Set

Let me introduce you to the fantastic world of the Toniebox – a storytelling audio system specially designed for kids! With every Tonie character, your kids can dive into brand new stories and songs that will spark their imagination. It’s as simple as flipping a switch, placing a Tonie on top, and the magic begins!

But that’s not all – the Toniebox Starter Set is a real treat. Inside, you’ll find a Creative-Tonie that’s already loaded with a full hour of delightful stories and tunes. And the best part? You can even upload a whopping 90 minutes of your child’s favourite content from the FREE library. This set comes with a handy charging station that provides up to 7 hours of playtime and is available for just £79.99 right now! Get this added to your list of great gift ideas.

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids Wireless Headphones

These JLab Audio JBuddies Kids Wireless Headphones are the ultimate dream for teenagers and kids! You’ll reach the pinnacle of comfort and top-notch audio quality, not to mention the huge 13 hour battery life that’ll keep the tunes going all day long!

Whether your little one is looking for some new headphones for their morning trips to school or for some chill time, these wireless wonders are up to the task. And here’s the cool part, you can plug them into laptops, iPads, and other devices when needed. Don’t wait any longer, this will be high on everyone’s list of great gift ideas so don’t miss it. Available for just £31.99, this is a must have at a bargain price!

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